A war cannot end without losses, and with all the people involved in the current battle between heroes and villains, it has been virtually impossible not to see deaths on one front and the other. In My Hero Academia, we weren't used to this deadly atmosphere which instead has become more and more urgent with the last few chapters.

After the likely death of Gran Torino, the heroes are certainly not safe from other dire events. Tomura Shigaraki threw his ball at Aizawa and that could lead to new scenarios. What can we expect in My Hero Academia 282, which debuts on Sunday August 30th?

Horikoshi is unlikely to change the scene so we're going to start directly from the impact of the bullet. His instruction implies that Aizawa will be hit unless other heroes intervene. If you make some assumptions, Aizawa will be hit and lose character. All are at the mercy of Shigaraki;; o Rock Lock takes care of receiving the hit and leaves practically everything as it is now; The last possibility is that Manual gets the ball and even if it is not Aizawa, the support of his quirk would fail and this it would leave Shigaraki some leeway.

So far, Aizawa has often been referred to as one of the heroes in question who will die during this fight. However, since Gran Torino is already dead and All Might is about to die, it wouldn't be a big deal if another professor and teacher lost much of his long-term usefulness. viable hypothesis. Because of this, the ball is likely to miss.

Shigaraki will determine the outcome of this attack and will shortly be able to resist again in this chapter of My Hero Academia. And a fresh look at Gigantomachia and the rest of the Villains League shouldn't be ruled out instead. What can you expect in My Hero Academia 282??

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