The war between heroes and criminals in the world of My Hero Academia has entered a new phase. It is now the turn of the protagonists' first forays that the bad guys shine in Kohei Horikoshi's manga and do so on both fronts. In short, My Hero Academia celebrates the anniversary by making fans celebrate.

Now we have left the front of Tomura Shigaraki to return to that of the villa where Gigantomachia started the race to reach his master. In My Hero Academia 279, however, he found an obstacle for the Yuei chicks, with classes 1-A and 1-B joining together against the giant, even if they had not previously had the expected effects.

We just have to wait My hero Academia 280 to find out what effect Mina Ashido's attack will have. The chapter will officially debut on MangaPlus in English and Spanish on August 10 at 6:00 p.m., i.e. on Monday and not on Sunday. What could Horikoshi prepare for the next weekly appointment?

The scenario will likely remain the same: Most of the My Hero Academia 280 chapter must at least end the ongoing action shows us whether Ashido can throw the liquid into Gigantomachia's mouth. If he does not succeed, we will likely return to the end of the chapter from Deku and his companions, who will be informed of the mission's failure.

Then it would be really difficult for Endeavor and the other heroes present in Jaku to resist Nomu, Shigaraki and then the rest of the rogue league alone. For this reason, the clash with the rogue league in the forest is likely to continue and the Yuei students will shine again. You What do you expect from My Hero Academia 280??

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