The chapter 270 of My Hero Academia it was a shock to the fans. In fact, many did not expect what happened, with the information revealed by Dr. Garaki and what Tomura Shigaraki is undergoing. Let's see together what is the situation in this last chapter.

Until now Kohei Horikoshi had made us believe that All for One were in full possession of his quirk. The villain was in fact able to absorb quirks from other people, transfer them from one being to another favoring the creation of the nomu and finally to use them in his body as he likes. As told by All Might, these are all the capabilities of All for One that were thought to be sealed together with its owner in the Tartarus prison.

Instead, Dr. Garaki presented a completely different situation: both the luminary rejuvenation quirk and the All for One are simple duplicates and no longer in the possession of the original people. As for the latter quirk, has just been inserted into Tomura Shigaraki's body. The boy, after a dream in which he destroyed the bonds he had, heads for the shadow where he will find the power of the All for One, which allows him to wake up from the coma despite not having beaten anymore.

It's a really difficult situation for the protagonists since they will now have to do it again face the All for One. Although not at its fullest potential, being in a new individual, its ability remains inconceivably strong. Chapter 270 of My Hero Academia is therefore a real crossroads for this saga.

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