ONE PIECE was on hiatus for Weekly Shonen Jump's Golden Week last week. Next week however, as Oda had communicated to the fans, there will be another personal break this time about the manga due to the slowdown of work due to Coronavirus. In the middle, however, the mangaka speaks to us of an important announcement by Kaido.

In chapter 979 of ONE PIECE, i Six Flying Warriors gathered in front of Kaido under King's call. The emperor seems to have problems with his son Yamato, who has not yet appeared in the manga, and under the advice of the stronger All Star, the group of warriors will have to take care of bringing the son back under the father's wing.

This need is caused by the fact that Kaido has to make an announcement during the Fire Festival, a very important and still mysterious announcement that will be of fundamental importance. Fans are in doubt as to what will be mentioned by the Emperor of the Hundred Beasts, but considering the alliance with Big Mom, it is possible that Kaido is preparing the marriage between Yamato and one of the other empress's daughters.

Considering the wrecked marriage with Sanji, if this were really the situation then Pudding could be the bride chosen for Kaido's son. To have the official status of this announcement, however, we will have to wait many weeks, in the meantime, what do you think?

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