My Hero Academia: 10 Hunter x Hunter Characters to Beat All For One

While not in full vigor, while fighting All Might All For One, he showed why the society of heroes feared him so much. But how would that My Hero Academia villain against the protagonists of Hunter x Hunter?

Is all for one the most powerful antagonist of the universe of My Hero Academia and only an almighty ready for anything has stopped his progress. But how would he emerge from a confrontation with the protagonists of Hunter x Hunter?

Kurapika's scarlet eyes would be completely irrelevant in a fight with All For One that, thanks to its numerous quirks, would knock him out in no time.

Meruem's physical abilities are even superior to All Mights. This implies that All For One couldn't steal anything from his body. In one such clash, the antagonist of My Hero Academia he would be defeated.

The ability to douse Leol's opponents with water would be useless on All For One for what it is equipped with a respiratory system. On the other hand, the evil villain could use his quirks to pull his opponent underwater and finish him off in a few moments.

Using its incredible speed, Killua could go way beyond the capabilities of anticipate the opponent's movements by All For One. It could even tear the heart out of its chest with its sharp claws.

Knov is one of the Hunter's Association veterans, though Lack of courage it would put him at a complete disadvantage compared to the darkness and the disturbing All For One.

After the first fight with All Might, the resistance of All For One He suffered from the damage taken, and Morel's irrepressible ability to produce clones would lead to exhaustion.

Despite exceptional physical strength, uvogin would be total prone to the All For One offensivewho could use his quirks to exploit the opponent's many weaknesses.

Razor is a brilliant user of Nen and could throw Power Balls at speeds like All For One wouldn't be able to avoid itdue to its poor mobility.

Shizuku's ability to aspire would succumb completely Brutality from All For Onewho could end it by moving around it.

All For One's greatest asset is its ability to drain enemies of their powers. But they think about it the ability of Isaac Netero based on his gigantic statue, the villain created by Horikoshi would be knocked down before he can react. Is the title of hero number 1 earned? Let's find out about Endeavor's shock in My Hero Academia. Following the latest revelations, Dabi's future in My Hero Academia is uncertain.

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