A new generation of Shueisha-branded hits is about to invade anime schedules. If Mashle: Magic and Muscle is going to go ahead with the debut expected in a few days, it won't be until next year Mission: Yozakura family he will get his adjustment.

The Mission: Yozakura Family adaptation was made official in late 2022, based on the teacher-drawn family comedy of the same name about espionage, love and laughter Hitsuji Gondaira had already conquered the readers of Shonen Jump and MangaPlus. As the manga finds itself in the middle of one of its most intense storylines, new information about the anime is pouring in.

L'Adaptation of Mission: Yozakura Family will arrive in 2024with the animated series that comes to life thanks to the work of the animation studio staff Silver Links. The reveal of the release window was accompanied by a new promotional poster featuring protagonists Taiyo Asano and Mutsumi Yozakura against a backdrop of cherry blossom trees.

Mission: Yozakura Family will be released from 2019 and follows Taiyo Asano, a very shy high school student who has only one boyfriend, Mutsumi Yozakura. Friends since childhood, Mutsumi is there Daughter of the best spy family in the world and has an overprotective brother who makes her life miserable. Taiyo has to work hard to save her friend.

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