My Hero Academia Chapter 370 has just been released. However, there is a lot of work behind the entertaining and exciting pages. A good mangaka He leaves nothing to chance and meticulously and carefully takes care of every detail of his piece of jewelry.

In My Hero Academia 369, Spinner was the protagonist of an electrifying cliffhanger: the return of Shuichi Iguchi, transformed into a giant beast with reptilian connotations. He then starts his fight to get rid of Shoji, who meanwhile has intervened on the field; willing to make any sacrifices necessary to complete the march.

In chapter 370 there is a small but important detail Kohei Horikoshi, author and illustrator of shōnen manga. An Easter egg could indicate that Spinner might not make it out of the last arc alive. Both a subtle spoiler regarding the future plot of the ongoing clash cannot be ruled out.

Horikoshi has chosen a very interesting way to show that Spinner is walking a tightrope: the "Sauro" keeps stirring Hiragana and Katakana, two different Japanese alphabets. It's not that it's grammatically wrong, but it's like speaking in upper and lower case. Could this mix of different writing systems be poetic license in the artist's narrative? Perhaps a metaphor to point out the precariousness between life and death? Or does it hint at the fog in Spinner's head, too physically exhausted for too great a power not his own?

The final arc of the manga was promoted by creator Kōhei Horikoshi as thelast story with class 1-A and her exploits in the crime-fighting world as part of the Hero Society. The critics of Minoru, My Hero Academia's most hated character, will rejoice.

Do you think Spinner will survive the final arc of My Hero Academia?

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