During a serialization, it's not uncommon for an author to decide to change things as the work progresses, a phenomenon that actually often occurs at the planning stage. Also in Dragon Ball ZFor example, there are some elements that were originally intended but have not changed.

Curiosities about Dragon Ball Z are still trickling through the net today, little backstories that lead us to discuss the immense community linked to the work, just think of Vegeta's origins as a character. Some anecdotes about the series, especially the anime, have often raised doubts among fans, a bit like in relation to the mysterious blue dragon in the iconic official logo.

For what reason actually Shenron is blue? An official justification for this was never actually given, but the most plausible and widely accepted explanation is the one related to the creation of the logo. In fact, it probably was made long before the production of the anime, same thing that seems to have happened to Vegeta with the red hair. Obviously, this detail in no way detracted from the fun of the series, but it still remains an interesting background that has piqued some curiosity on several occasions.

And you, on the other hand, have ever wondered why Shenron was blue in the logo? As usual, please let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate box at the bottom of the page.

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