Marvel Comics: Ronin returns to action in Hawkeye Freefall

As the US company prepares for the return to production of Marvel Comics works, we discover what happened in the first volume of the series dedicated to the character played by Jeremy Renner and titled Hawkeye: Freefall.

In particular, in the comic book pages, fans have been able to see Ronin again, a secret identity that Hawkeye has assumed over time. The superhero is clashed against The Hood, trying to stop the criminal's activities and managing to arrest him. During the trial only his henchmen were found guilty, while The Hood managed to get away with it.

It was this event that led Hawkeye to summarize Ronin's identity, convinced that only he can stop the criminal once and for all. Determined to keep his choice hidden, he chooses to hire a Skrull to be in two places at the same time, but his impersonator suddenly comes kidnapped by Bullseye, killer that The Hood hired to find out Ronin's true identity. In the final pages of the comic we can see Bullseye manage to enter the room where Ronin's costume is kept, which he decides to take after killing Hawkeye's assistant.

While we wait for the release of the second volume, we report the latest news on a character from Marvel Comics.

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