The new series of Black widow Previously published by Marvel Comics, it consists of a single narrative arc so far, but it immediately put Natasha Romanoff to make important decisions that have led to a drastic change in the status quo of the character who decides to leave her new life behind and a wearing a costume never seen before.

The fifth volume in the Black Widows series opens and shows the consequences of what happened before. James and Stevie, Nat's husband and birth son, respectivelywere brutally killed in an explosion. After a few days of grief, Natasha decides to respond to the conspiracy of mysterious villains, thanks in part to the support of Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes and Clint Barton, back in his footsteps in earlier volumes.

The two groups meet and luckily the "heroes" manage to win very easily. During the conversation, Nat and Bucky discover that the murder of James and Stevie was masterfully staged by them, that they Holograms in the middle of a fire in a warehousewhich then caused the explosion. However, the protagonist decides to accept the deaths of the two, although they are likely still alive so as not to suffer other traumas.

After a few weeks, Natasha is shown in a new costume on the rooftops of San Francisco, mainly black, with a hood that allows part of the face to be hidden and with red lines that, from the light color, seem to be associated with an advanced technology that will likely be specified in the course of the next adventures.

The same designer Elena Casagrande stated: "I created Nat's new costume in collaboration with Kelly and Sarah (writer and editor). The first instructions were to add hi-tech elements and Think of Nat as a vigilante, but at the same time don't make them heavierand still retain the features of the classic Romita and Samnee costumeWhat do you think of the new Black Widow costume? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Marvel Comics introduced the new defenders, and we'll leave you the details of forming the Young Squadron team.

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