Every member of the Mugiwara crew will inevitably have to take out one of Kaido's generals. To win the battle of Onigashima and Create the world from ONE PIECEThe protagonists have no choice but to knock them all down without suffering defeat. The CP0 noticed this and made its predictions.

As even the masked men pointed out, Kaido's officers must be defeated, and at the moment there are some who have not yet found an opponent. Conversely, Black Maria, the giant spider that keeps Sanji in check, cannot touch women. In ONE PIECE 1004, however, the name of the true opponent of Black Maria.

In fact, during the conversation, the woman warns Sanji to call Nico Robin to catch her, as she is the real target of Kaido and Big Mom. However, the chef warns not to underestimate his travel companion. And the Mugiwara archaeologist could be Tobi Roppo's real opponent. At the moment Nico Robin has no specific opponents and therefore a confrontation Nico Robin versus Black Maria is becoming more and more likely after these speeches.

That way, Nico Robin would have a valid opponent while Sanji could help his teammates and take out the strongest men on Kaido's crew. You think we'll see that shortly Collision in ONE PIECE?

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