2013 was the debut year of a new superhero in the vast universe Marvel Comics. This is Kamala Khan, a Pakistani born teenager who came into contact with the Terrigenous Mists. He developed special powers and then decided to take on the role of Miss Marvel.

The stories Kamala lived through these seven years have won a lot of fans, especially for the playful tones and funny style of the writers who The school includes alternate meetings and missions with the Avengersand the Secret Warriors, to name just two of the groups the girl belongs to.

Now it has become a very popular character and given to the youngest Announcements from Marvel Studios regarding an expansion to the Marvel Cinematic UniverseSome fans have also introduced a team between Ms. Marvel and Stature, the daughter of Scott Lang or Ant-Man, through TV series that will be available on Disney +. As you can see in the post reported below, user @venomhology has included Emma Furhman in the role of stature and Iman Vellani in Ms. Marvel's costume, a role she will take on in the role in the same picture series of the same name, planned for 2021.

This is certainly a nice homage that could become concrete if Marvel opts for crThere is also a crossover between the two superheroes in comics. Keep in mind that several Marvel Comics series were recently canceled and we leave you to the details of the new villain who appeared in King in Black.

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