The Mirai author returns with a new one Souls. Belle was born from a collaboration between Studio Chizu and Charades, a Paris-based company. Let's find out what it is together.

The famous director's newest feature hit Cannes Directors' Fortnight in 2018 and then be nominated for an Oscar and also awarded the Annie Award for Best Animated Film at the Golden Globes. After the success of Mirai, Hosoda informed his fans about the progress of a new animated work in an interview.

Nice will be the name of the next original anime and tell the story of a girl who He lives between the Gippone and a virtual world called "U.". This last element of the plot reminds fans of numerous other projects by the author, including the first Digimon film and Summer Wars, both vehicles from Issues related to the impact of modern technologies about life. It seems that the director wants the new film to focus on topics like youth, family, friendship, courage and hope as well.

Yohann Comte of CharadesThe sales company associated with the animation studio for this project said, "Over the past few years I have closely followed the development of Mamoru Hosoda's brilliant work. The way he expresses himself continues to surprise us film by film. We look forward to seeing you . " Discover his new take on the current and universal topics he has mastered. We take great pride in directing sales of his most ambitious film to date. "

While Charades will take over non-Asian distribution, Belle von Toho will be shown in Japanese cinemasSummer 2021.

What do you think? Will you see Mamoru Hosoda's new work? Leave us a comment. In the meantime, I'll also share our review of the director's earlier masterpiece: Mirai.

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