Fujiko Mine is a sexy bomb that has attracted so many characters from the universe of Lupine III. Among its victims there are also characters from the thief's circle, but obviously the one who always remains infatuated and believes in all the woman's lies is precisely the protagonist. The games of Lupine and Fujiko are in fact at the center of many episodes.

In an old mangaka interview dating back to 2003, the mangaka and original creator of the character explained what relationship exists between Lupine III and Fujiko Mine. "Lupine and Fujiko get together or are they meant to tease each other?" this is the question that Monkey Punch now deceased answered.

"It's actually quite interesting. I think men and women in general are having fun together rather than teasing, I would say. They use their attributes; Fujiko uses her body and her sex appeal as a weapon and Lupine uses her cunningness like a weapon, they use them against each other but in a fun way. Not really as lovers, not as husband and wife, more like a man and a woman having fun together and they use their weapons with each other, but in an enjoyable way. This is what I think of them. So, I mean, if I argue with my wife but have fun while arguing, there is no real quarrel! "

Several times during the series the two seemed about to take a few more steps and in some stories the true nature of their feelings is explained. Would you like to definitely see Fujiko and Lupine as a couple?

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