Jojo: Stone Ocean, when will the anime of the new part arrive?

Last year, in July 2019, the fifth part of Le Bizzarre Avventure di Jojo ended, with Giovanna Day in the Neapolitan adventure together with the rest of the gang. And it was natural that after Vento Aureo several months of nothing would have passed with regards to Jojo. A year has passed, at what point is it Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Stone Ocean?

For the uninitiated, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Stone Ocean is based on Jolyne Kujo, the first female protagonist of the manga and will be the next part of the anime. At production it is very likely that we will review David Productions, the studio that has been carrying this well-known but old franchise for years, making it epic and the source of the most diverse memes.

Taking a recap, the first part of Jojo arrived in 2012, followed by Stardust Crusaders in 2014, Diamond is Unbreakable in 2016 and Vento Aureo in 2018. It was not so unthinkable therefore to expect a 2020 with Stone Ocean, perhaps with a debut in the last few months of the year.

But the recent announcement of Fire Force season 2 may have upset this routine and the Jojo franchise has been postponed to a later date. In fact, it has been announced a few days ago that Fire Force will air from July 2020 onwards, occupying the forces of the animation house at least until the final stages of the year.

It is therefore unthinkable that David Production could start working on the Jojo: Stone Ocean anime before 2021. Do you think that the first episode with Jolyne will be able to debut within the autumn season of next year? Fans just have to put pressure on David Productions' animators.

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