Born from the head of Monkey Punch, the character of Lupine III it had a short life in the paper version but a very long life in the animated one. TMS Entertainment has been producing Lupine III anime for decades with five series, which are, however, accompanied by specials, feature films and spin-offs.

While some Lupine III films have hit Netflix, TMS Entertainment is preparing for one very important announcement for the 50th anniversary of the anime Lupine III. On the occasion there was talk of a new project, and the insider Sugoi LITE reveals what is still pending an official announcement.

Below we see one Poster of Lupine III part 6, the new version of the gentleman thief. On a red background, Lupine has half a normal face, while the other half has a much darker and more shaded look, which is emphasized by the effect of shadows and a glowing red eye. The rest of the character is partially covered in red halos that try to simulate blood stains.

A much darker lupine than usual could therefore be the protagonist or be involved in more specific matters than in the past. TO The director is Eiji Suganuma, Japanese animator and director who previously worked on Carnival, B-Project and Lord of Vermillion. For more information, all you have to do is wait for the official press release from TMS Entertainment.

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