Dragon Ball has seen deadly antagonists. While Akira Toriyama's trait has often managed to create creepy-looking characters, making them look real is another thing. There are people who have tried to make a Dragon Ball Z fan movie in 3D, those who have done it with illustrations, and those who have made statuettes instead.

One can be pre-ordered Statuette of Majin Buu in a realistic version. The second version of the monster, then the one after the Gray Buu absorbs the Fat Buu, can be seen in the photos below. The Dragon Ball Z character is ready to attack with a pink energy shot. The monster has many details that highlight its nerves and special physical properties, such as the very large pores from which the steam exits.

On a scale of 1: 4 and in a limited version with only 25 parts, this is the second Dragon Ball Z figure that was reproduced a few days ago in a realistic version after that by Perfect Cell. A certainly very different from the usual version of these Dragon Ball Z antagonistswho manage to express malice and strength in this other vision as well. What do you think of this statuette on Majin Buu? Would you buy it for your collection?

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