On the official website of the multimedia project Love life! Superstar !! An official statement was released, issuing an apology and a plea to fans regarding the cafeteria.Café Casa (カ フ ェ 香 咲)".

«Thank you for your continued support of the Love Live! Project. Superstar !!. It is worth remembering that this new project is inspired by the Omotesando, Harajuku and Aoyama areas of Tokyo. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience expressed to many people due to the fear caused by our inability to control the situation in relation to the “Café Casa” house, the facade of which we use as an inspiration for one the building of the project.

Our thanks also go to the “Café Casa”, the residents of the district and everyone involved in the “Love Live! Superstar, ”and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. As a result, we decided to change the design of the building in the story that uses the façade of the “Café Casa”..

In this context, it was confirmed that some people made negative comments and criticism of the employees of the "Café Casa", as well as disseminated photos and private information of their employees in social networks and comment forums.. Please refrain from such actions that could damage the reputation of the place, the dignity of the individual and result in legal consequences.

For all of our other followers, please avoid actions that disturb the public order in the area or in the neighborhoods that inspire the project. Entering private property or taking photos of facilities, shops, or residents without express permission can cause problems. Thank you for your understanding».

The building to which the statement relates is the cafeteria of the parents of Canon Shibuya, one of the members of the new group Liella!. A cafeteria in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood had served as inspiration for the location, but the manager released in early May that fans of the franchise had started creating problems after the data went viral on forums and social media.

In the end, Love life! Superstar !! is the new multimedia project from Love life!who have favourited a new five-piece musical unit called. contains Liella!. Its animated adaptation is set to premiere in Japan on July 11th, and so far no distribution platform has announced the acquisition of the rights for the West.

Synopsis of Love Live! Superstar !!

Kanon Shibuya is a "normal" high school student who lives with her family and helps out in her local café, her family's business. Kanon is quite shy and singing in front of an audience is an ordeal for her, but her dream is to make people happy with the songs she writes. “I have no dreams for the future and I am not particularly good at anything. But even as a normal girl, no, precisely because that's just me, I can only do one thing: become a school idol! ".

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