ONE PIECE returns to Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus with a new chapter. The story of Eiichiro Oda does not pause and prepares for chapter 1015, which however has already leaked on the net with the usual spoilers. What leaks have leaked so far?

Let's see first spoiler from ONE PIECE 1015.

  • Chapter 1015 is entitled "Chains".
  • The chapter begins with the response of Luffy's allies to news that he has been defeated.
  • The samurai shout: "Is it pointless to keep fighting? Is Momonosuke-sama safe?".
  • Queen says she only plays with Chopper.
  • Perospero starts a new attack with arrows.
  • Sanji appears and attacks Queen and Perospero while still carrying Zoro blindfolded on his shoulders.
  • Sanji VS Queen.
  • We move on to Kaido and Kinemon.
  • Momonosuke informs everyone about the frog Merries that Luffy is still alivelike it is one of the voices he heard in his head in ONE PIECE chapter 1014.
  • Shinobu and Momonosuke flee from Kaido, who continues to pursue them.
  • Luffy is saved.
  • Zeus says something to Nami.
  • Kid and Law vs Big Mom.
  • Yamato meets Kaido. The two start an argument in which Yamato refuses to call Kaido father and claims that his chains will be broken today.

ONE PIECE won't take a break next week, much to the delight of readers.

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