The relationship between Eren and Mikasa has Hajime Isayama in de. analyzed The attack of the giants since their relationship has evolved a lot up to the last chapter. In any case, the sensei recently revealed an interesting background to Chapter 50.

The death of Hannes in the chapter in question actually marked a Moment of total despair for Eren who burst into tears, angry at his total inability to do anything at this terrible moment. MikasaTo relieve him, she decided to reveal her feelings to him by thanking him for the scarf and everything he had done for her in an extremely intense scene. At that moment, the two characters seemed very close to kissing, but Eren got up to take on his responsibility.

Hajime Isayama, the father of Attack of the Giants, recently revealed why Eren and Mikasa didn't kiss, baffling even his own publisher. The sensei then explained that he was feeling special at the time embarrassed to draw this scene because he was firmly convinced that his abilities would not be able to represent their dynamics after the kiss. However, looking back today, she regrets the scene that she would have liked to have drawn as Mikasa was expecting a kiss.

Instead, what do you think of these words, did you expect a kiss between the two of them in this scene? Let us know with a comment below.

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