La Pulga is a nickname that every football fan knows. Obviously, this nickname belongs to Lionel Messi, known as Leo, a world star who has been gifting magic on European fields for over sixteen years, first with the jersey of Barcelona and now that of Paris Saint German. However, at the moment Messi is playing for Argentina.

THE The 2022 World Cup in Qatar smiles at the Albiceleste team, mostly driven by Messi. The South American champions are playing one of the best World Cups of their career and, also thanks to the contribution of their teammates, reached the final that will be played on December 18 against a team between France and Morocco. Of course, the World Cup also has side effects, with overlaps with other media such as anime and manga.

It is known that another Spokon has indeed arrived in the industry, the famous Blue Castle, an anime in which some young Japanese have been imprisoned in a structure where they have to improve their soccer skills and their wickedness to the maximum to give Japan some new very offensive players aiming for the World Cup. While mangakas celebrated Japan's victories at the World Cup, including Blue Lock's, there are many fans who have taken advantage of Blue Lock's style to create very special fan art.

What we are presenting to you today is one thing Fan art featuring Lionel Messi in the style of Blue Lock. Haku, aka Facundo Sosa, is an illustrator who made Messi in an anime version and added the various blue light bands around it that indicate a player's state of grace, just like in the anime.

Unfortunately, Project Blue Lock didn't work in reality since Japan was eliminated.

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