The editorial Kadokawa announced that light novels by Haruki Kuou and illustrated by Konomi, Liar Liar: Usotsuki Tenkousei wa Ikasama Cheat chan to Game wo Seisuru sou desu, will have anime customization. The announcement said: "Although it's April Fool's Day, this ad is not a joke». The video shows the narration of the voice actress Akari Kitou as Sarasa Saionji, and production details and release date will be announced shortly.

Kuou and Konomi started publishing the light novels through the publishing label in April 2019 MF Bunko J. from the publisher Media factory. The piece inspired a manga adaptation by Funa Yukina that was published in the magazine Monthly comic alive from the publisher Kadokawa since August 2019.

Synopsis of liar liar

An Academy x Mind Games x Romantic Comedy story takes place on Academy Island, where students struggle to determine their place in the leaderboard. Hiroto Shinohara received the highest score on the entrance examination for this school, the most difficult in the country. On his first day of school, he defeats previous Queen Sarasa Saionji and becomes the fastest student to join the school's elite known as the "Seven Stars".

Except that it actually didn't do anything. All is a lie. In order to maintain his highest position, he must fight these school thought games with lies and deception. He does whatever it takes with the help of the cute and tricky maid Shirayuki Himeji and even Saionji himself.

Source: Comic Natalie

© 久 è¿œ 遥 著 (著), konomi (き の こ の み) (ã‚€ ラ ス ト) / KADOKAWA


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