The manga de will be released in 2021 The attack of the giants, worldwide with great success. The work has received an incredible boost from the anime of the same name, produced first by Wit Studio and then by MAPPA Studio. The third part of the anime's final season will air in the winter of 2023, completing work on the small screen.

Despite the manga's conclusion, Attack of the Giants continues to sell and has surpassed 100 million copies in circulation these days. The story written by Hajime Isayama was able to impress many readers mainly thanks to incredible characters. One of the most popular fans is Captain Levi, who is especially appreciated by anime viewers. For those wondering given the implications of last season's part 2: Levi Ackerman dies in Attack on Titan?

The Captain while escorting Zeke in Shiganshina on a chariot he fell victim to the lightning spear, which he himself stuck in the chest of the major of the Jaegers. In the explosion, Levi took very heavy damage and is only able to survive thanks to it Hangji Zoewho pretends to be dead so he can take him away from the Jaegerists led by Floch.

In the final part of The Attack of the Giants, or the one not yet adapted into anime, Levi Ackerman doesn't die. Instead, he will be able to slit the throat of Zeke, who managed to get out of Eren's founding giant. Once Zeke is killed, Eren's final form is destroyed and the March of the Colossal ceases. After Eren Levi's ultimate defeat, he has one last vision of his fallen comrades as we see him in a wheelchair after the final time skip, a sign of the damage he took from the Lightning Launcher's explosions permanent and crippling.

This is therefore the ending that Hajime Isayama reserved for Levi, one of the most popular characters in his work. It may indeed seem very sad, but after all, Levi is not the protagonist of the story since, according to Isayama himself, The Attack of the Giants is the story of Eren. And yet he suffered perhaps the worst fate of all.

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