The first episode of The Attack of the Giants made a huge impression on fans: in addition to the fact that they judged it to be one of the most shocking openings in years, it introduced the Linked Horizon group to the public. Your song, Guren no Yumiya, made specifically for the anime, turned out to be a blast.

Linked Horizon didn't stop there and also prepared Jiyuu no Tsubasa for the first season, Shinzo wo Sasageyo for the second, the end of Akatsuki no Chinkonka for the first part of the third season, and then Shoukei for Shikabane no Michi, opening the second. Part of The Attack of the Giants 3. A very long collaboration between the Anime of the Giants and Linked Horizon that has lasted since 2013. But are there the conditions for the group to return for the fourth and final season?

As you know, WIT Studio passed the baton to MAPPA, which of course meant that the staff was switched between director and composer. Even if the relationship between the studios and the singers isn't set in stone, it's also true that now I am Linked Horizon is a name always associated with The Attack of the Giants. However, before we have any more information we have to wait, but we can also start a totonomi for any substitute players or singers of the ending.

At the top of the list is LiSA, the singer who broke all records with Gurenge. The opening of Demon Slayer, the 2019 hit, is still on everyone's lips, and it could be her who will take the place of Linked Horizon in the openings, in case the group abandons the anime. In the end, instead, is who could perform Aimerwhich became even more famous after Vinland Saga's Torches and Fire Force's Spark Again. And who do you want at the opening and ending of The Attack of the Giants?

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