Komi Can't Communicate was one of the most anticipated anime by the fans, an unflattering title that has been assigned to the manga for years. After over 300 chapters on Weekly Shonen Sunday and excellent sales in the Tankobon area with the first 20 volumes, fans can finally see the animated version of the characters.

After the first leaks regarding Komi Can't Communicate's anime, the official announcement has arrived. In fact, today, May 11, 2021, the date for the official announcement in the Shogakukan Weekly Shonen Sunday Magazine and in the various social networks was chosen. Below is the Poster that had already been leaked in the past few days, but in high resolutionwhere we see the protagonist Shoko Komi watching the other protagonist, Hitohito Tadano, from a distance.

However, above we can observe the scenes from Komi cannot communicate with the trailer. A presentation video in which we get to know the school, the main location of the episodes, and especially Komi and Tadano with their daily lives. In addition to confirming the cast and main staff, the Komi Can't Communicate trailer also confirms its 2021 release date, slated for October.

The work focuses on Komi Shoko, a beautiful girl who is considered cold because she never speaks and because she tries to avoid people. In reality Shoko suffers from a communication disorder So he can't talk to other people. Tadano will discover this problem and decide to help the girl make friends and overcome her problem.

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