Marvel Comics announces Knights of X, a new comic book series that will be part of the X Men Destiny of X relaunch Knights of X, Captain Britain, brings together nine mutants to engage in a true knightly quest in the footsteps of King Arthur who will make them a modern day version of the Knights of the Round Table.

Knights of X will be a spiritual sequel to the titles Excalibur and X of Swords. The two series were directed by screenwriter Tini Howard, who collaborated with Knights of X She intends to continue the upcoming storylines accompanied by illustrator Bob Quinn.

the Team set up by Captain Britain will consist of Rictor, Shatterstar, Gambit, Rachel Summers, Bei the Blood Moon, Gloriana and two other mutants whose identities are still unknown at the moment.

"At the end of Excalibur, we saw Merlyn take control of the Otherworld, turning the Starlight Citadel into the Lunatic Citadel and swearing war on the mutants. Captain Britain was left inside when the gates fell, but despite being flanked by the full corps, it takes more than one army to take on King Arthur and his Furies."explains Howard."You'll recognize many of the Knights of Excalibur - both my run and the classic - in search of a priceless treasure that blends our high-fantasy storyline with the classic X-Men storyline".

The release of Knights of X is scheduled for April 13, 2022 in the United States. Meanwhile, the X-Men voting polls have just ended and the winner (who will join the X-Men) will be announced shortly.

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