Japan is a very strange country and far from us for habits and behavior. As you know by now, there is no shortage of anime-themed drains or erotic pillows by Love Live. But have you ever thought about KitKat, the famous chocolate snack that Nestlè also produces in Italy?

In Japan the KitKat is almost an institution: in every supermarket, in every konbini there will be shelves on shelves dedicated only to this snack from the Swiss company. Over the years it has become so popular that there are not only the classic versions of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. We can buy a version with matcha, strawberry but also with more unusual flavors such as sake or sakura.

However, the ideas did not end with the KitKat since it will be on sale soon KitKat Snax, a version created specifically to be eaten with a beer. If you are not convinced of the beer-chocolate combination, you just have to taste the new version of the KitKat. Inside, a sachet contains pieces of chocolate, toasted and salted almonds, soybeans with a cheese flavor. A quadrangle probably strange for a westerner, we will see in time if the KitKat has hit center again in Japan.

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