The so-called "leaks", that is, the leakage of news leaking online without official authorization, is a very felt phenomenon even in the animation industry, which has often forced the various productions to run for cover to fix the problem.

In Japan, the problem is taken very seriously, think of Shueisha's massive attack on copyright infringement early last year. Anyway, lately the animator Naoyuki wavefamous for working on titles like Psycho Pass or the latest Reissue of Lumdiscussed the issue from the perspective of an individual in the industry.

In the first place, Onda stated that everyone is aware of this problem, but above all there is one thing behind it very serious and enormous breach of confidentiality agreements. The animator took advantage of this to invite people to stop this practice as it creates many obstacles to production. Firstly, in fact, the restrictions are so great that it is now not even possible to share information among colleagues without considering the legal risk that this type of practice entails. As if this weren't enough, Onda warned that in the long term, these types of phenomena could force the various productions to become even more reserved, thus reducing their contacts with the community.

And you instead, what do you think of this matter, will there really be any long-term risks? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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