The appointment with Spy x family expires now. In the fourth to last episode of the first cours of the anime adaptation, arriving in a simulcast on Crunchyroll on June 4th, we'll find out if Loid and Yor actually granted Yuri's request.

Yuri Briar's debut in Spy x Family 1x08 challenged the mystery of the forger family. The fake Loid and Yor's marriage is in jeopardy: Yuri's watchful eye, who actually works for the secret police, sensed something was wrong with them.

Drunk, Yor's younger brother asks the newlywed couple for one demonstration of their love. Loid and Yor's feelings are tested in Spy x Family 1x08, but Agent Twilight understands the situation. Just when they were there exchange their first kissThe episode ends with a sensational cliffhanger.

Over the course of the ninth episode of the anime, we will find out if in fact, the two counterfeiters kissed, or when one of them has finally given up. But how will Yuri react to these two possibilities? In the preview of the episode titled Show How In Love You Are, we see Anya awaken from her sleep. In the morning, the cute little girl finds Uncle Yuri no longer in the house. Anya would have loved to meet Yuri, but it seems that he has returned to delve into his dark work.

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