The third season of Kingdom premiered last April and after airing only four of the 26 planned episodes had to suspend its run due to issues related to the Covid-19 emergency. Previously, the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump 45 had revealed that the show would resume in about 6 months. in spring 2021.

At the moment, the exact date the anime will re-air is unknown, although Shueisha weekly number 45 will likely announce it on October 11th. During the break or from the last April 26th to the next spring Studio Pierrot worked on the production of the remaining episodestherefore further breaks are to be excluded.

Kingdom is an extremely long-lived manga that consists of around 60 volumes and just over 650 chapters. The first two seasons of the anime adapted the events narrated in the first 24 tankobons, and the latter, made up of the 26 episodes mentioned above, was intended to transpose the two narrative arcs narrated in the following 10 volumes. The chances of an extension for a fourth season remain extremely high.

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