The war between Eldia and Marley has just started. After several skirmishes over the years, everything came to a head with the testimony of Willy Tybur and the subsequent reaction from Eren Jaeger. The confrontation from Liberius was fierce and saw that The protagonists of The Attack of the Giants have changed completely than they were in the past.

We say goodbye to Sasha with the events of Attack of the Giants 4x08 and have entered a new phase of the anime. Most of Episode 9 was focused on flashbacks and explanations of past plans so that at 360 degrees you understand what the situation was like before the Liberius attack. In the end, however, it is again presented the protagonist Eren Jaegerin front of a mirror that encourages struggle.

Even episode 10 of The Giants' Attack available on VVVVID and coming to Amazon Prime Videoshowed the new Eren with the character design prepared for the next scenes. Titled "Good Topics," the episode again focuses on the past and present to contextualize different situations before re-introducing the story.

The attack of the giants 4 will be the last season of the series and, according to current information, will end with the sixteenth episode.

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