Ken, Berserk, Jojo: Do ​​real men go up the stairs?  The confrontation between the epic scenes

Manga from the eighties, full of hyper muscular men and masculinity behind every cartoon. Many of these made history and laid the groundwork for some styles that would be picked up by future generations. Who doesn't know names like Ken the Warrior or Jojo's Bizarre Adventureor a manga like Berserk that's still going on these days?

The masculinity of its protagonists has now become legendary, but there are some scenes that the mangakas of the time really seemed to like. Fan Fandayo actually posted a picture on Reddit comparing a scene from Berserk to one of Jojo's bizarre adventures in the Stardust Crusader phase and one of Ken the Warrior.

As you can see below, there is a scene where the enemy is on the stairs and imposing himself on the protagonist. In the first panel we have Gatsu versus Berserk's GriffithIn the second, Ken is the warrior with Ken approaches ShinJuliet's kidnapper; After all, the final cartoon is dedicated to Jojo's bizarre adventure, and Polnareff begins the climb Stairway to Dio Brando.

The three scenes have a lot in common and are reminiscent of the characteristics of this manga from the 80s. Although with different styles, the protagonists are forced to climb many stairs compared to their enemies. For Ken the Warrior, Shin will be one of the characters that the protagonist fights but does not kill.

Buff men go upstairs. [Berserk][Hokuto no Ken][JoJo Part 3] by r / manga

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