Kaiju #8 (Monster #8) has been available in Shueisha's Shonen Jump + digital magazine for years, and the number of fans of Matsumoto's work is endless. While the anime Kaiju #8 has been announced, the hope of a live-action feature film is added to the wait.

With Kaiju No. 8 Volume 8, now hitting shelves across Japan, Shueisha is celebrating the latest release with an amazing new promo. It is a Live-action restyling To promote Matsumoto's masterpiece. Galvanizing background music paves the way for the visual aspect of the shorts: the electrical discharges surrounding Kafka herald the transformation into the eighth kaiju, who, after it has taken place, slaps a cat-shot towards the camera in the face as if he weren't there ... was a future at all.

If thesouls Should Kaiju No.8's success with a new audience materialize, a live-action project could become a reality. And the premises are all there: on the other hand, there already exists a franchise of unusual success with a young man full of hatred and victim of the violent invasion of gigantic monsters. The creepy monster number 8 is reminiscent of another equally menacing character. To think about it better, we invite you to watch the Kaiju No. 8 and The Attack of the Giants.

What do you think about this Live action look at Shuesha? Tell us yours in the comments!

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