The new phase of the culling game is proving to be full of crucial information not only for the wizards involved in the tournament but also for the rest of the world. In chapter 202 of Jujutsu Kaisen Antagonist and organizer Kenjaku revealed his intentions, stating that the competition was just the smallest part of a more elaborate plan.

At the final date with Gege Akutami's manga, Kenjaku goes to the Star Corridor to get closer to Tengen. The villain reveals that he wants it to give birth to a new breed of cursed spiritsmore powerful than the current one, creates a fusion between Tengen and those who cannot harness the cursed energy.

Tengen himself had anticipated this plan for the protagonists before the start of the tournament, but now Kenjaku has jumped into action and expects to face off against Choso move on to the crucial phase. After all, he himself reveals that he is no longer interested in the culling game, which only serves to bring all the factors necessary for fusion into limited places, the colonies. Worst of all, though, is why Kenjaku is behaving this way: that pure fun to find out what a new breed of Cursed Spirit looks like.

Finally, remembering that Akutami revealed who are the strongest characters in the series, we leave you with the mysteries behind the manga's production.

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