The narration of the adventure of Yuji, Megumi and Yuta in the final chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen left room for the vicissitudes of panda and hakari. Finally, Kinji has a chance to prove his true worth on the battlefield against one of the protagonists' main targets: Hajime Kashimo, an extremely difficult opponent.

The chapter begins exactly where Against Akutami he had deserted the readers. Hakari and Kashimo face off in the second colony in Tokyo, in an area where only containers exist. The early tables are punctuated by fast and furious exchanges that show some parity of fighting skills. However, Hakari, who hit the jackpot again, is immortalShe is brutally wounded in the face.

Kashimo actually aims for the head because that's where the reverse curse technique is generated. The antagonist's ultimate goal is to try hit Kinji's head with his electric shocks, and let it explode. However, Hakari understands Kashimo's intentions and immediately activates regeneration of the affected area. The two attack right back, and while Hakari realizes that he must sacrifice his body in order to be immortal, kashimo Implement a strategy devised at the start of the battle.

Taking advantage of thereturn energy stored in the nyoi stick, and by throwing it directly at Hakari, Kashimo manages to seriously injure the protagonist just as his immortality is gone. Despite the potentially fatal blow, Hakari manages to summon the domain expansion restless player.

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