Tatsuki Fujimoto has quickly become one of the most important authors of today’s Japanese comic scene. Mangaka is best known for the series chainsaw manfrom which the anime of MAPPA and a second part are awaited, but its latest one-shot stories have received wide acclaim and also won prestigious awards.

Wait to discover news about the Chainsaw Man anime, maybe take a look at a new trailer, on the panel of Anime Expo, which will be on July 4th, 2022, the same day it will be released on Jump Plus , and therefore also on Manga Plus, a new story co-created with artist Toda Otor, which you may know for To Strip the Flesh.

The message was spread by the user @MangaMoguraRE, who has proven to be reliable in the past when it comes to rumors and leaks. Unfortunately, no further details were known about the plot or the characters involved. In the comments, the fan also reported the title of the new one-shot, which is “Futsuu ni kiite kure“. This is certainly a project to follow given the previous 2021 and 2021 recaps Goodbye Eriboth extremely popular with readers and critics alike.

Let us know what you think of this news in the comments. Finally, we leave you the updates on the second part of Chainsaw Man shared by Editor Lin.

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