The first part of the last act of My hero academy proves to be particularly important to the Todoroki family. The intense fight between Shoto and Dabi has in fact given way to the clash between Endeavor, Hawks and All For One, where the antagonist seems to have gained an advantage, only to then find himself up against two other heroes: Tsukuyomi and Kyoka.

Chapter 356, now available on the site and in the Manga Plus application, begins with an exchange between the two young heroes. Kyoka lost her left ear to All For One's powerful attacks, but Tsukuyomi manages to destroy the entire Villain mask with a devastating one Abyss Black Ephemeral Ragnarok.

As he takes the hit, All For One reflects on his inability to deflect the attack and realizes that the stolen Quirks are actually rebelling. Tackling any of them triggers an unprecedented shockwave, and as Hawks rushes to protect the students, Endeavor returns to the scene of the crime. By listening again to All For One's provocations, Number One begins to reflect, and readers are presented with an inner discourse between himself and his old self.

"You are even weaker than before" So Enji talks to Endeavor and emphasizes how everything has changed compared to the past. In a few charts, Horikoshi presents all the suffering, exhaustion, envy and devotion that the Pro Hero felt to get where he is now, to play the role of Endeavor. "Don't stop cursing your weakness. After all, it's the only thing you kept living for' Strengthened by these words and having stood up before his conscience, Enji returns stronger than ever to face All For One.

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