Mangaka Gege Akutami led the narration by Jujutsu Kaisen on other levels, especially in the last chapters, totally focused on the culling game organized by Kenjaku, turning into a perfect stage to constantly introduce new characters, extremely different and immediately well characterized.

Following the personal struggles faced by Yuji, Megumi and Yuta, the author has decided to focus the narrative on the character of Kinji Hakari, an ally who has recently joined the group of protagonists. However, the transition occurred through the presentation of Karl Bernhardan aspiring mangaka whose meeting with an editor from the major publishing house Shueisha is shown.

Unfortunately, his work is dismissed for a number of reasons and characteristics almost identical to the allegations originally made by readers against Jujutsu Kaisen himself, that is, to be more The content is aimed at an adult audience and the tones with which they are confronted, of the excessive violence and gore that is present, and of the difficulty in discerning the gender to which they belong. An original way by Akutami Break the fourth wall and present your experiences in a beautiful way.

Finally we leave you with a mistake in chapter 181 of Jujutsu Kaisen and a fantastic Maki Zenin cosplay.

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