Boruto 69 has recently arrived on MangaPlus, but fans are already hungry for a new adventure in the ninja world. What will happen and when will the next chapter of Manga by Masashi Kishimoto?

Queues and Eida arrived in Konoha, but Shikamaru and Amado were alone Waiting for the enemy's train. In fact, the shoulder of the Seventh Hokage and ex-scientist Kara hid a valuable ally: Delta.

However, the one who was once defeated by Naruto is coming subdued by the Senrigan of Eida. Delta has fallen prey to Code's ally's natural charm: while Amado shows no reaction, Shikamaru executes his countermove in Boruto 69.

The brilliant strategist della Foglia seems to want to come to terms with the enemy by making a sensational proposal to Eida. In which Chapter 70 of Borutoon Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 17:00 on MangaPlus, we will discover the cyborg's answer.

However, a preview of Chapter 70 has already been published online. At the next appointment, Shikamaru is waiting for Eida's answer, but in the meantime he will already be working out a new plan. Based on the responses received, a decision will be made as to whether Use Kawaki as bait or whether to resort to an alternative tactic. Eida, is she really ready to cheat code to meet the true love of her life?

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