Studio Bones is preparing to return to the big screen with a new film project that will set aside the heroes of My Hero Academia to propose a tearful adaptation of Seiko Tanabe's novel of the same name. Josee, the tiger and the fish. The film is preparing for its debut in the winter season, which coincides with a public holiday.

The latest effort from Studio bones is dedicated to one of the talented works Seiko Tanabe, longtime writer who boasts of numerous awards won over her long career. The popularity of his short novel even convinced an animation studio to turn the story into a feature film directed by Kotaro Tamura (Noragami). Even so, the film, originally slated for the summer, faced a number of obstacles along the way, including a global pandemic.

However, in the past few hours the staff has released a new promotional trailer that you can admire on the top of the news that gives an idea of ​​the touchy subjects the film will address. For those who don't know, the story tells of the relationship between the student Tsuneo and Josee, a girl who is confined to a wheelchair for health reasons. The two happened to meet one morning on a walk between Josee and his grandmother.

And you, what are your expectations of the new film from the My Hero Academia Studio? definitely expected on December 25th? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

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