Besides Dragon Ball, it was the manga of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures to give fresh air to the battle shonen genre, strongly introducing tactical combat. In particular with the third series, in which Hirohiko Araki gave life to the stands, the series has distinguished itself strongly from those who made the characters win only thanks to brute force.

This is why the stands must be differentiated as much as possible and cannot remain too much on the classic characteristics that perhaps allow the control of an element or greater physical strength; Hirohiko Araki had to invent some with strange and absurd effects. Let's see what are the most bizarre stands of Le Bizzarre Avventure di Jojo, taking into consideration only those that appeared in the anime, therefore taken from the second, third and fourth season.

Let's start with an annoying creature that has put some of the protagonists of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Diamond is Unbreakable into difficulty. The stand is Cheap Trick, who clung to his victim. If the latter looked at him, he would die, with the creature that would later move to another target.

Araki also started to play over time thanks to the stands of Dio Brando and Jotaro Kujo. However so far who has managed to affect more on this physical dimension is King Crimson, stand of Devil. Even today it is only partially understood how it works (just a little more than Gold Experience Requiem) and its main ability is to manipulate time to replace a portion.

Let's go back to Diamond is Unbreakable with Super Fly, a rather particular stand: it shows itself as an electricity pylon but instead of being ethereal it is visible to anyone, even to those who do not have a stand. Unlike other manifestations, Super Fly is untied by a carrier and therefore even if the user dies, this would be easily replaced.

We also remember a stand of Le Bizzarre Avventure di Jojo: Stardust Crusaders, that is Strength of Forever, an orangutan under the orders of God. It manifests itself as a mammoth artillery ship, making itself elected to the largest stand so far existing.

Let's go back to Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind with the last stand on the list, Notorious Big. He too presents himself in a particular way, manifesting himself only with the death of his bearer. The monster is capable of devouring and absorbing anything that moves near the target.

Looking forward to discover the stands of the next Jojo series, which one is your favorite and which one do you think is the most bizarre?

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