Starting with the third season of JoJo's bizarre adventure, each Joestar has their own booth that helped them in battle. Attracting the attention of enthusiasts and standing out from the crowd was the stand on Giovanna Day. Protagonist of an ingenious LEGO construction.

Although the anime's fifth season may be coming to an end soon, fans of the Hirohiko Araki franchise won't easily forget the Italian adventures of Dio Brando's son. The protagonist eventually managed to defeat the devil using the new shape of his stand to trap the opposing leader in an endless spiral of death. Day Giovanna manages to become the new "Don" of the criminal family, however It's the Stand Gold Experience that still wows enthusiasts.

Reddit user Fearless Way 3958 shared an impressive creation of his. Take advantage of LEGO constructions, the boy managed to bring the evolved state to life by Giorgio Giovanna. It's not the first time a user has brought a manga character to life. So far, for example, we've been able to get the hungry hamburger from Yu-Gi-Oh! Admire. But his incredible creation hit the internet immediately and went viral. After the ironic description of the stands, they are confirmed as one of the series' most popular features.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure fans waiting to see what the future of anime will be like can comfort himself with this scale LEGO model. While there are no new announcements from David Production about new animated seasons, the sixth season will most likely follow the events of Jotaro Kujo's daughter Jolyne.

LEGO Gold experience I had with r / StardustCrusaders

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