A few hours after the debut on Netflix of the third and final part Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean The future of David Productions anime seems uncertain. Based on testimonies from two people connected to the production, it appears that the Steel Ball Run and JoJolion adaptations are not part of the studio's projects.

"The production committee discussed the possibility of animate until Stone Ocean if it receives reasonable popularity." has explained Kenichi Suzuki, director of the series which was joined by Jolyne's voice actress, Ai Fairouz, who explained: β€œis probably the best choice since Stone Ocean marks the conclusion of the fate shared by the Joestars and Dio Brandoβ€œ.

Words that leave little room for a possible resumption of production in the near future to adapt the Steel Ball Run and series JoJolion, which takes place in a parallel universe and which sanctioned the transition of Araki's work from Shonen to his. Considering then i David production projectsincluding Urusei Yatsura, Lum, and Undead Unluck, it's possible the studio may actually be on a long hiatus before returning to Jojo's universe.

And what do you think? Do you agree with what Suzuki and Fairouz said? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section. Finally here is a Stone Ocean style fanart of Rohan and Josuke.

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