Over the course of more than thirty years of series Jojo's bizarre adventureThe generations of the Joestar family were deeply marked by the threat of some evil characters who, thanks to the style of Hirohiko Araki, were perfectly characterized and whom a fan wanted to portray united in one fanart.

As you can see from the post at the end of the page, the user @ generic15 has actually approved Reddit an illustration in 6 small portraits von Kars, from Battle Tendency, Dio Brando from Stardust Crusaders, Yoshikage Kira, the mafia boss Diavolo, Enrico Pucci and finally the President of the United States, Funny Valentine. All have been depicted with a simple style that is different from the original and are accompanied by written in the background with the names of the respective standsObviously without Kars, who belongs to a time when those forces hadn't become part of the series.

To get a full picture of the main antagonists, the fan also opted for Pucci and Valentine Stone Ocean and Steel Ball Runalthough there is still no significant information on the animated transpositions of the adventures of Jolyne Kujo and Johnny Joestar.

Keep in mind that an artist devoted a terrifying aspect to Killer Queen, and we'll leave you to the spectacular transition between yo-yo and the matrix, signed by Araki himself.

(Most of) my main villains! by r / StardustCrusaders

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