For forty years, the most iconic mech franchise has been without a doubt Gundam mobile suit. However, despite the immense popularity of the series, the crisis does not spare anyone. At the beginning of 2022, the four Gundam Cafés on Japanese territory will be permanently closed.

With sensational news that saddened millions of tourists and enthusiasts, Closure of the Gundam Café represented in Tokyo, Odaiba, Fukuoka and Osaka. A new themed menu for Gundam pilots in the anime series was recently announced, but this attempt to "save the ship" does not seem to have helped. In the month January 2022, the four themed rooms close their doors.

The Gundam Cafés, which opened in 2010, have Attracted tourists and fans of the franchise from around the world. In these restaurants you could eat delicious dishes Courses inspired by the series, in an environment that Gundam radiated in every corner. However, as of this coming January, the four aforementioned attractions will no longer exist, and the Gundam Cafés may disappear forever when the fifth and final venue also closes in March 2022.

On the official website of the Gundam Café, the news of the closure was accompanied by a long one thank you message towards those who have supported the chain since 2010. Gundam Square will close on January 10, 2022, while Tokyo, Odaiba and Fukuoka will close on January 30. If you are a giant Japanese robot lover and want to try a unique experience of its kind, you still have a few months to enjoy this opportunity.

And you, what do you think of the closure of this ten-year chain? Do you think that one day a new Gundam Café could see the light of day, maybe abroad? We welcome you and leave you to the shoes that resulted from the collaboration between Gundam and Nike.

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