In recent years The popularity of cosplay has skyrocketedand more and more boys and girls have made a living taking pictures as anime and manga characters. Because of this, some institutions have called for action by the Japanese governmentwho decided a few hours ago to comment on the problem.

After an initial review, the Japanese government found that copyright infringement laws are too smoky right now Cosplay needs clearer regulation, so that both the owners of the rights of the cited works and the cosplayers themselves can be protected.

At first this was confirmed Anyone who chooses cosplay as a hobby can easily move onWhile rules are imposed on anyone attending paid public events, recordings are being sold online and, more generally, to anyone who makes a living doing that work. The upper house of the Japanese parliament made a first proposal in which the possible solution was shown Creation of an online database where cosplayers can log in to get permissions from mangaka, publishers, etc., maybe pay a sum for the acquisition.

Remember that right now in Japan Everyone who works as a cosplayer has to pay taxesHowever, there are no amounts to be paid in order to obtain the rights of the authors of the characters being played. This solution should only be used for people who exceed a certain monthly income threshold.

Enako, a famous Japanese cosplayer, announced a few months ago that he was making about 50 million yen a year from his work and was asked to look for a solution that could satisfy everyone. Currently, the proposals only apply to Japanese cosplayers, but it is always possible that in the future, depending on the authors' will, they will also be expanded to the west.

What do you think about it? Does this seem like an acceptable solution? Let us know with a comment!

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