2022 promises to be quite an interesting year from a Japanese animation point of view, with the final installment of Attack of the Giants and the expected implementation of Chainsaw Man, and while we wait to find out what the big surprises will be these first few months, J Pop is back with a new set of announcements and news.

It's about concrete 8 titles hitting shelves in 2022, let's see them together in detail. The first novelty concerns three special volumes dedicated to Hanako Kun - The Seven Secrets of Kamome Academy by Aida Iro, a series previously published by J-Pop and currently running in Japan. The first is Volume 0, slated for February 2022, which will feature three self-contained chapters dedicated to the protagonists and the artist's debut one-shot, spin-off After School Hanako kun, slated for the spring season , and the official artbook with 170 illustrations and lots of interesting facts and extras about the series.

Continuing the unreleased news, Dance Dance Danseur was featured, a manga by George Asakura that tells the story of Junpei, a boy with a passion for classical dance who eventually breaks away from that interest and finds it in high school thanks to his partner Miyako. A tender and sensitive manga that will also receive an animated adaptation from the MAPPA studio.

Taken into account a deadly romantic comedy, Love After World Domination, scheduled for February 2022, is already presented as a funny and extravagant series based on the relationship between Fudou and Desumi, enemies on the battlefield but secretly in love with each other. Next we find I heard Negi Haruba's Daishikkaku, author of Quintessential Quintuplets, which this time completely changes the genre, moving on to Super Sentai and taking the point of view of one of the invaders of our planet, determined to infiltrate the earthlings. A curious opening that we can read in the summer of 2022. Mermaid Prince by Kaori Ozaki, planned for spring 2022, is a volume with three different and intimate stories that explore the difficulties of entering a society like today's and also analyze the connections between the different protagonists.

The latest announcement is approx Miroirs, a single volume marking the return of Posuka Demizu and Kaiu Shirai, authors of the controversial The Promise Neverland, with a series of short stories dedicated to the great designer Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, known as Coco. Are there titles that interest you among the featured titles? Tell us with a comment below.

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