The last battle before Tony Stark aka Ironmanled to grave consequences for the billionaire inventor in the fifth volume of the new series published by Marvel Comics. Expectations for the next issue suggest that Tony is in great danger and that he cannot take off his armor without dying.

Fortunately, immediately after the fight Tony was accompanied by Misty Knight and Halcyonwho, with timely intervention, managed to stabilize the superhero's conditions, but chose not to remove the armor that could have exacerbated the injuries. However, that decision turned out to be too risky, at least which is what Marvel itself expected in the official description of the next volume, which you can find below.

"After Iron Man suffered a near-fatal wound from Korvac, his life hangs by a thread. Halcyon and Misty Knight try to operate quickly Lock Tony in his armor and dab off the wounds... and now if he tries to take it off he will die. With fragments of metal literally holding his body together, Tony reunites his allies, trying not to be overwhelmed by the anger of being defeated by Korvac. "

The rest of the presentation emphasizes how Tony wants to stop the mad demigod Korvac's advance at all costsand that now more than ever he needs the support of War Machine and intervention on the battlefield if he is to hope to stay alive. Recall that Tony's armor recently proved to be stronger than Vibranium, and we leave you to our list of the best comics dedicated to Iron Man.

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