As we have known for a few months Inuyasha Created in 1996 by manga creator Rumiko Takahashi, the series will have a sequel in which we will find Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru’s daughters, hence the name Yashahime: Princess Half Demon.

Thanks to the latest trailer, we also saw the other characters from the original series that we will see again, so fans were immediately surprised to see them Hisui, son of Sango and Miroku.

As with Moroha and Setsuna, Hirui seems to have inherited design elements that are strongly reminiscent of his parents. Indeed in the key visual We see it with the Hiraikotsu, the gigantic boomerang built from demon bones, used by his mother, and with the Nekomata Kirara by his side, a cat-shaped spirit deeply connected to Songa in the first series.

The reaction from the community has been moving, a lot of fans love this character incredibly and at the end of the news we only covered some of the many reactions that can be found on social networks. Some said they were concerned about his possible death in the sequel, others You can’t wait to find out if it’s because of your mother and uncle, as Exterminator of Demons, while others have dedicated fanart and revived Studio Sunrise’s official design in the past few days.

Recall that the Yashahime series will premiere in October and that an Inuyasha-themed cafe has opened in Japan in advance of the sequel.

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