Tite Kubo is about to return to Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine with his new release. Burn the witch. The debut of the work is scheduled for August 24th, and the US publisher Viz Media has announced its publication in English.

Unfortunately, serialization will be quite short with only four chapters. The first is 57 pages in total, and assuming the total time it takes to publish, an abundant month should be a correct estimate.

There is a subscription cost to read the chapters on the Viz Media platformHowever, it is not yet possible to access it in our country. The simplest alternative is the corresponding shueisha service.

Fortunately, thanks to MangaPlus, the chapters are published in partnership with Japan. and will be available for free to read in English and Spanish. As for a hypothetical exit in Italy, there was no communication on this issue for the time being. It is clear, however, that Bleach’s popularity will be a major fuel for local publishers.

Available The first teaser trailer of the anime of Burn The Witch, the new series from Tite Kubo. Burn The Witch: The new anime of the creator of Bleach is shown in a first key visual.

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